This Coverage Page is a thumbnail sketch of entire media coverage activities given to the Cable & Wire Fair 2017. The event was not only printed and published in the various magazines related to the Coverage industry, but was also showcased in the popular business newspaper- Economic Times (English and Gujarati) and other digital platforms such as Wire World covered extensively about the CWF 2017. Wire and Tube News stated that the show proved to be an efficient platform to find business, promote products and the meet otherwise inaccessible parts of the industry. India's one of the most comprehensive media platform for exhibitors, Exhibition Showcase tagged CWF 2017  as a huge success, pulling a large number of delegates, visitors, and exhibitors. Our accomplishment as the Fastest Growing Show and 1st Runner-Up in the category of ‘Top Global Dominance' at the Exhibition Excellence Awards 2018 got a full page coverage on the Exhibition Showcase platform.

CWF 2017 had a good share of coverage in few of the leading publications like Wire & Cable Technology International, Wire Journal International, Electrical Mirror, Power Today and many more. The show attracted thousands of visitors from different parts of the India and other countries looking for what is new and innovative exhibited in the CWF 2017.

The Promotion Page provides a glimpse of how and what medium helped CWF 2017 catapult to the path of recognition from the industry stakeholders and achieve 2.5 times larger attendees compared to the previous edition. Our promotional campaign and the media buzz kept CWF 2017 in-front of the industry throughout the year.

Amid digital promotions and print advertisements, CWF 2017 also took innovative and prolific promotional methods to campaign extensively for the event. The CWF 2017 provided us Promotion an opportunity to advertise in leading dailies, industry magazines, advertised the event using the auto-rickshaw ad banners and different signages across the cities and states.