CWF17: Exhibitors’ Experiences

Quality visitors and neat management made one happy!

I felt that it was a good networking platform. There were innumerable inquiries. The conference was very well organized and I felt that the topics were really relevant. A lot of Indian companies have shown interest to partner with South Africa, specially the power cable manufacturing. We were able to successfully inform visitors about various incentive programs facilitating the installation of cable making plants in South Africa.
The exhibition has been reasonably good, but we were expecting more of our competitors to be here. This is our first time and we have no regrets participating in CWF 2017. The organizer has done a good job and, by and large, I am more than satisfied. The ambience and transportation is well.
— Anil Wadhwa, CEO, Machine Tools Associates.
— Janine Fredericks, Deputy Director, Aerospace and Defense, Electrotechnical Invest South Africa.
​​We got some new leads from the exhibition. The customers, who weren't buying earlier from us, have now shown interest in our compounds. So far, exhibiting in CWF 2017 has been quite interesting for us; numerous companies are coming and approaching us.
I am really impressed by the professional way of organizing the exhibition. The hall looks nice. Also, the frequency of the customers and visitors in my opinion is great. I am really looking forward to make the most of the present one and participate next time as well.
— Anirudh Bansal, Business Development, Shakun Polymers Ltd.
— Harald Baumbach, General - & Sales Manager, Spirka Schnellflechter GmbH.
We made new customers here. It has been a success participating in this exhibition. Surely, we will participate in the next exhibition too.
The show has helped us open in a market like India. Our participation in this fair proved to be productive and we may possibly exhibit in 2019 as well. I would like to thank the organizers to arrange such a good exhibition.
— Navin Patel, AGM, Sales & Marketing, Viraj Profiles Ltd.
— Oscar Liu, Deputy General Manager, Pampas – Baicheng Fujia Technology Co. Ltd.
We are getting extremely good response from the fair and hope to participate in the next fair as well. The total exposure in the fair is commendable and everyone was happy to have attended CWF 2017.
Sampsistemi represents the oldest company of the SAMP Group. We participated in the first edition as well in 2015. This edition is even better than the first one. We will definitely participate in the next edition. It is hard to compete in India, but it is important to expand our relationships.
— Sumit Dhingra, Dhingra Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
This year we had more visitors and we have had quite interesting potential customers in India. The response from the visitors had been positive. They came specifically for nail manu-facturers and that is why they came to Enkotec. The exhibition has been as I expected it to be.
— Enrico Conte, Product Manager Mettalurgy, Sampsistemi S.r.l.
We are a professional stranding machine manufacturer. This is the first time we have come to India for Cable & Wire Fair. I think the exhibition is admirable, and we hope to exhibit in the next edition too.
— Jesper Bendix, Senior Sales Manager – Member of Management, Enkotec.
— Dwight Chang, Sales Manager, Hejian Baohong Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd.
We had a decent footfall of customers at our stall – some existing ones and some new enquiries. I would say this show, from the last time, has become quite bigger and fruitful as well for us. Looking at the area and size of the booths, everyone had a feeling that the exhibition has grown tremendously since its last edition.
The show provided a good exposure to the steel wire industry in general. There were limited visitors but all those who came in were here for the business and not for time pass, which made a lot of sense. This is what we want as an exhibitor.​​
— Anant Singh, Service Manager, Sikora India Pvt. Ltd.
We had an excellent experience exhibiting in this fair. We are very much satisfied. The response from the visitors has also been great. We appreciate the Cable & wire Fair 2017.
— Ronak Shah, Ronak Industry.
The response from the visitors was amazing and the customers looked quite interested. We are looking forward to new contacts. The overall experience was satisfactory for us.
— L.K. Jha, AGM – Marketing, Kkalpana Industries (India) Ltd.
Even though the exhibition is a new one, it is growing at a good rate. I made so many new clients; it is a good networking platform for the wire and cable industry.
— Sunil Barde, Director – Technical & Marketing, Victory
I would like to appreciate the organizers of the Cable & Wire Fair. It is a very successful show. We can now say it is of world-class standard. I want to congratulate Tulip 3P Media for such a well organized show. It is better than other wire and cable exhibitions in India.
— Erica Liu, Marketing Director, Listrong.
We feel extremely good in this show and received good response from visitors. We feel very proud to say that next time our stall will be triple in size. We are satisfied. The gathering was good. The customer base was very good. We got good response from the market.
— J.S. Gupta, Ajex & Turner.
The three days at CWF17 helped us make new customers. So far, it has been good for us. The visitors have been quite responsive. Many those who didn't know Synergy Steel got to know us because of the branding we received through this fair. We would like to be here in the 2019 as well.
— Vivek Mehta, Managing Partner, Sai Extrumech Pvt Ltd.
Basically, we are the manufacturers of a range of wires and cables machines. We received almost 300-400 enquiries in a day. Visitors from many parts of India are coming here to see the machines.
— Gene Gao, Director, LongVision Cable Materials Co. Ltd.
We got very serious enquiries for our products and we hope to get good business through this exhibition. We hope the enquiries will be converted into orders. The overall experience has been extremely good. I would say there was a good footfall. We are satisfied with the fair.
— Tushar Malhotra, Manager-Business Development, Parovi Machines.
The visitors’ response had been extremely good; I would say better than the last time. This is a good platform and my experience exhibiting over here has been satisfactory.
— Vinod Kapoor, Managing Director, Sarvasv Group.
I would say it's a substantial jump in terms of size and organization as compared to the last exhibition. The show has definitely registered a growth on the positive side.
— Purvesh. J, Director (Intl. Marketing & Sales), Walson Woodburn.
This time we have invested more in the exhibition for a bigger stall and the results proved to be advantageous. The show is helping us greatly and is remarkable for its filtered-out visitors.​​
— Anuraag Mahajan, Managing Director, Kemtech International Pvt. Ltd.
The exhibition has been very positive. We had a string of interesting inquiries. We got to meet our existing customers and new people through this exhibition. The response from the visitors was pretty good. This one was first one for me in Delhi. We usually do shows in other parts of India. It is good to be in Delhi too.
— Jayshree Jadhav, Manager-Marketing, Lifeline Technologies.
The Indian Government is promoting the e-beam technology. We would definitely like to exhibit in the next exhibition. It has really proved helpful in developing good contacts.
— Graham Raynor, Director, Clifford Welding Systems.
The quality of the visitors was surely good. In this year, we witnessed genuine customers and I would like to say, this show even surpassed the last one, which was also good for a first edition. The exhibition, I am sure, is going to grow stronger with every coming edition.
— Wang ping, Project Manager, CGN Dasheng.
The three-days-experience of the exhibition has been top-notch. We met so many companies and customers. We hope to have good business in India in the near future through this exhibition.
— Jasvinder Singh, Managing Director, Supermac.
I would say the contacts we made are very high in terms of quality. In other exhibitions, we may get quantity, but in this one, we got quality. I have made 6-7 extremely good contacts during the show, which is a successful number to me. I am highly satisfied with it.
— Lily Liu, Dongguan Qingfeng Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd.
Tulip 3p Media organized CWF 2017 very well. It is a good show and even better than the last one. We had a good number of footfalls. The response from the customers was good. The technical symposium which was organized by the exhibition was another highlight of the show.
— Brad Scherer, Vice President, Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc.
We had a brilliant experience participating in the show. This is our first time but we assure you that our stall will be triple in size by the next time. I would like to say about the visitors, the footfall was genuine and of good quality. This was the best thing about this show. We are highly satisfied.
— Nirmal Singh, Director, Assomac machines Ltd.
One of the reasons we chose to participate in this exhibition is that we wanted to announce our investment in India, a new compounding line in 2018. This is the first time we have participated in this fair. I think we are pretty satisfied with the response we have got. The remarkable thing about the show is the number of quality visitors.
— Amit Goel, Innotech Machines.
The three days at CWF17 helped us make new customers. So far, it has been good for us. The visitors have been quite responsive. Many those who didn't know Synergy Steel got to know us because of the branding we received through this fair. We would like to be here in the 2019 as well.
— Krishna Joshi, Vice President – Compounds Business (Asia, ME, Africa), Mexichem.
Although it's not as big as other exhibitions, the information we got from here is resourceful. We are happy we came to Cable & Wire Fair 2017. We interacted with the customers and got a lot of feedbacks. We want to exhibit in the next edition as well.
— Sandeep Dubey, President – Operations & Business Development, Synergy Steels.
The exhibition bought really good response for us. We participated the first time in the Cable & Wire Fair and realized, though Delhi is a small market, customers here are looking for the right product. The exhibition being wire and cable centric attracted genuine customers from the targeted market.
— Tina, Overseas Marketing Manager, Chengdu Shuhong Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
The experience was completely different. Despite being in its initial stage, the show has been really nice. We are really looking forward to the next one. I was really surprised by the response from the visitors. We found a handful of people, who looked really interested in high technology made in Germany. For this, I am really proud to be here.
— Ravi Bansal, CEO, Isinox Metaltec Pvt. Ltd. 
We received superb response from the visitors. The specific customers visited us and spent a lot of time at our stall. We are a consistent participant in the fair and overall experience has been constructive.
— Michael Tieze, Sales Manager, IDEAL-Werk.
— Jitendra Kr. Singh, Sr. Engineer – Sales & Service, Simco Materials International (P) Ltd.
— Ravi Bansal, CEO, Isinox Metaltec Pvt. Ltd.